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Let me introduce myself...

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I am a professional artist who creates original and unique artworks.

Unusually for many artists, I create using several diverse mediums... I paint, create textile sculpture, fibre and textile 2D work and also offer a specific service by producing Dalmatian based artwork; even personalised, so you can commission artwork that is affordable but still shows your wonderful spotty Dal on it!


I show my original artwork at several gallery exhibitions and  have a significant online presence. You'll find me on Facebook and Instagram by simply entering my name: Adele Froude Designs. There you will be able to look through my previous artworks in the photo galleries and also find out about the works in progress and any offers or special discounts currently running.

I also possess a Group titled: Adele Froude Designs VIP, this is a members only group and is free to join...simply request and answer the few basic questions and then I'll be able to accept your request. Being a VIP member brings advantages of early bird viewings, special discounts, reward points on every purchase (which also applies to any purchases made via this website) and to show off some of your own creative ventures once a month...all for free.


I am also able to provide coaching sessions to help you work out what you're trying to find within yourself and in your art...I call this producing authentic artwork. It can be very tricky to fathom alone but with guidance, once you realise what you want to produce and why...the path becomes much clearer. I also offer assisstance with techniques and gentle informal feedback critiques.

Art has been my constant companion and particularly important during this difficult year+, however it gave me the focus and purpose to continue to look for and see the wonders that are around us; whether that be within our own lives or as part of the environment we live in or can access.

For me, living in the North Yorkshire Dales, I am constantly influenced by the forever changing landscapes as each season arrives and retires ready for the next,

I welcome you to read more about my personal transformational (if traumatic) period of my life story, in my initial Blog... just click on the tab. Also don't forget to take the opportunity to sign up for future blogs and my newsletter by filling in the simple free subscription form below.

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