Let me introduce myself...

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My life is now dominated by paint, fibres,fabric, wire and let's not forget...Dalmatians!

I'm not complaining... I am very fortunate to live in a lovely (damp!) 400yr old house within the Yorkshire Dales National Park with my long suffering husband! I'm surrounded by beautiful landscape; wildlife; flora; stone and lots of sheep!

The weather is often wild and erm...challenging.

All in all, it's very inspirational and lots of my artwork is influenced greatly by what's happening around me as well as within me. Art is very much about expressing emotion; from artist to art to viewer. There's much more to say but for that you'll need to pop over to my Blog.  

This brings me onto another daily influence...I have two adorable and (typically demanding) Dalmatians so how could I not create some Dally artwork!?? Check out the gallery.

Art has been my constant companion; however, it took a personal breakdown to provide me with the courage to let go of both the career and its financial security to focus on my health and the inseperable necessity of all that art is for me.

I welcome you to read more about this transformational (if traumatic) period of my life story in my initial Blog. Don't forget to take the opportunity to sign up for future blogs...direct to your email.

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