What I do...


I work with several different mediums but the one element they share, is texture.

Whether using paint, fibres, textiles, wood, slate, wire, graphite or clay... they all have such wonderful natural textures to capture and showcase.

Many of my artworks are presented in a way that allows, if not encourages, you to touch and gently explore. Texture after all, is primarily but not limited to, touch.

I'm a relentless explorer; experimenting and being curious about new innovative ways of following my inner creator. From when experimented with mark making and painting out of necessity as a child; I didn't have the prililedge privilege of art brushes, canvas, paints. I salvaged bits of wood, made implements, sought old dried up cast off paints. Anything to follow what to me was as natural and necessary as breathing...creating art.


The tools and techniques I use today as as varied as then, although now I have the luxury of being able to purchase the most glorious brushes and sometimes find myself taking a moment to just hold and savour the feel of a 'proper' brush at rest in my palm.


My experimaentation has sometimes taken me on duynamic journey leading to brown mush or overworked wire or paint. Whatever the outcome, there is always lessons learned...even if it's...'don't do that again!'


Every piece I create is the result of a very fluid, instinctual process. Art, for me, is impossible without a personal connection. it may start with a concept or a fibre; feeling; image; texture. There needs to be a developing connection throughout the creativity. By connecting with each piece of 'material', I invite it to inform me of how to proceed; how to incorporate it; showcase it. Each and every stitch, brush stroke, line must be of value or else why is it there?! As a result each evolves and is quite literally; unique.



Because of this need for close connection, everything is created by hand...yes all the stitching! I may at some point in the future, decide to incorporate a free motion machine but it's not where my connection lay at this moment...to the randomness and imprecise nature of hand stitch, so I can't imagine ever stepping too far away from 'hands on'.

A lot of my art currently, is around textiles and fibre. I'm exploring new ways to edge ever closer to that point where myinner creative shouts 'Yes!'.

Many of my textile sculptures are either currently being exhibited or are planned to be included within a future arranged exhibition. It will be interesting to see how they represent my transformation along the way. Already I see how I want to adjust shapes, techniques, textures in my current exhibited pieces. To take another exciting step toward that place where the art will resonate for me.


You may (or may not) be aware that I take commissions. You may therefore wonder how that works! Depending upon the style and remit, there will be varying amounts of trust. What any of my clients would tell you is that, I spend lots of time communicating, asking questions, gaining a feel for what the client wants or even what they didn't realise they wanted! If the remit is a portrait of their Dalmatian...the process is the same but of course the resulting dogs look and more importantly 'feel' like their companions. With a textile sculpture or painting, there is often more flexibility.

Because my work is all impressionist, the end result will be familiar to the viewer, although engendering personal interaction and interpretation. For example; I may be asked to create a textural woodland scene from textiles and fibres (mainly); the outcome would be both unexpected and familiar. Tree trunks would be familiar, the textures and textiles may be unexpected. The viewer may stand side by side with another and have a different interpretation of the detail. Some will believe they glimpse a bird others leaves. It is, the wonder of art.

Award winning artist